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7 Do’s and Don’ts of Welcoming Guests to Your Congregation
“Have you been in your church for so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to enter the building for the first time? Do you want to make guests feel welcome, but need help seeing your congregation through new eyes?”

Don’t Cancel Youth Group Yet
“While I certainly agree youth ministry has become bloated with pop culture rubbish, I just can’t dismiss it entirely. I can’t go the whole way. I can’t approve completely shutting down youth groups. And I don’t think you should at your church either.”

How to Handle Discouragement in Ministry
“In a new roundtable video, Darrin Patrick, Paul Tripp, and Voddie Baucham explore reasons and remedies for pastoral discouragement.”

3 Things to Do When Your Numbers Are Low
“We all deal with it this time of year–our numbers are LOW. It usually happens around the holidays, but it can also happen during Spring Break, Summer vacation… or just a random Sunday.  What do you do when your group is down?”

Welcome to Seminary – Now What?
“Take every class you can and put knowledge in your ministry bank. While you are agile and mobile, take a trip to go visit a ministry you want to see up close. Tell the folks back home what you are learning, and let them see and sense your excitement. They are already excited about you.”

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