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5 Reasons to Pray for Other Churches “Many local churches are tempted to conduct themselves as if they didn’t know any other local evangelical churches existed around them. Or, if they acknowledge them, they are chasing “end-of-the-year bonuses” by competing with and beating out other churches in ministry.” What to Say to that Immodestly Dressed Continue Reading →

I’m Not Good Enough, I’m Not Smart Enough, and I’m Not That Good Looking

A few days ago, as I was driving home from a long day spent in my church office writing a taxing theological paper, I began sulking over the fact that I’m not a theological heavyweight.  This has happened before (not that often, thankfully) and each time in the past I was left with a strong Continue Reading →

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Seven Myths about a Pastor’s Workweek “It is an old joke, one that is still told too often. You go up to your pastor and say, “I wish I had your job; you only have to work one hour each week.” It is likely your pastor will laugh or smile at your comment. In reality Continue Reading →

Allow Others to Preach

I love to spend time with people in our church which is why I love being a pastor.  Seeing people grow in the faith and learning more about the Bible is fuel for me, giving me energy and excitement to face each new day.  I tend to view pastoral ministry like nourishing food to the Continue Reading →

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Theology and Pastoral Ministry “I’ve heard many of my ministry colleagues and college alumni express an unhealthy view of theology, considering it to be no more than an important grounding before heading into the pastorate. Such a view is not only opposed to the evangelical tradition; it also dangerously diminishes the value of ordered thinking Continue Reading →

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Who was St. Nicholas? “With what little we know about St. Nicholas, it is safe to say he would not be pleased to know he had eclipsed Christ in the hearts of many as the central figure of Christmas. For the Bishop of Myra no doubt knew the angel’s words to Joseph: “Mary will give Continue Reading →

John MacArthur on Reasons Why Expository Preaching is Important

I recently had the pleasure to spend a day with John MacArthur, Mark Dever, and about 200 hundred pastors in Southern California to listen to MacArthur and Dever talk about the importance of preaching in the local church.  Below are 15 reasons why expository preaching is important, taken from the lecture given by John MacArthur.  I Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Sheep and the Shepherd

“The pastor and his flock are on cross-paths all week. Monday through Saturday, the laity are being drained from the pressures of daily life: jobs and families and shopping and just being human.  The pastor runs counter.  Monday through Saturday, he is being drained by the same daily life pressure, and besides that he is pouring Continue Reading →

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Nine Issues Regarding Pastors and Office Hours from Thom Rainer Marryin’ & Buryin’: How Much Should I Pay the Pastor? This is a question I’ve been asked more than a few times though, thankfully, it’s always been about what to pay another pastor.  This piece contains some very good advice for those who don’t know Continue Reading →

3 Reasons to Keep Preaching

Over the next few weeks, all of my posts will be covering preaching to students.  Some will focus directly on youth ministry preaching, others will discuss preaching in general with application for youth ministry.  I’ve already written a few things about preaching but there is still a lot I have yet to cover.  I must Continue Reading →


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