Book Review: The Shepherd Leader

This book, written for pastors/elders from a Presbyterian (PCA) perspective but ultimately for all pastors, finds its aim in getting pastors to understand their duty to shepherd is not man-made. Rather, the duty of pastors/elders is to lovingly shepherd God’s people that have been placed under their watch. Witmer spends considerable time speaking of the Continue Reading →

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3 Big Ideas and 7 Tips on How to Read the Bible in Church “So you thought your job was simply to read the Bible passage? That’s easy—you check you have the right passage, you look over it a couple of times and then you get up and read. Surely that’s all there is to Continue Reading →

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Help for those who feel “disconnected” at church “It is a common phrase spoken by Christians and wrestled with by pastors, “I don’t feel connected at church.” The pastoral burden is for all Christians to be thriving in and through the ministry. When we hear something like this we immediately go into “fix-it” mode. Often Continue Reading →

Book Review: What is the Mission of the Church?

What is the church’s mission?  Ask 100 people and you’re likely to get 100 different responses, which is why a book like this is needed, particularly amongst young people.  Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert do just that as they write from a younger perspective about how they see the issue of social justice and the Continue Reading →

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Depression, A Pastoral Approach A very good list of depression myths 4 Reasons to Pursue Authentic Discipleship “Discipleship isn’t some mystical process performed in classrooms or monasteries. It’s simply helping one another follow Jesus. And because we don’t just follow Jesus at church, but in everyday life, making disciples is meant to be carried out Continue Reading →

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College Doesn’t Change Your Heart, It Reveals It “Every summer the same thing happens to my inbox. I open it to find a steady stream of emails from concerned parents, youth pastors, and older siblings, asking me to check in on so and so when they get to campus in August.  They all want the Continue Reading →

Expository Preaching in Youth Groups

I don’t read many youth ministry blogs, so I’m by no means an expert, but I have noticed a trend amongst youth pastors that calls for either the elimination of preaching in youth ministry or a very stripped down method that looks more like a small group class than a sermon.  The reasons vary but Continue Reading →

Book Review: God in the Whirlwind

I cannot think of any academic heavyweight, outside of D.A. Carson, who has written about the church and culture in a manner that easily accessible by Christians across all spectrums more than David Wells.  In God in the Whirlwind, Wells takes a slightly different approach,  this time focusing less on culture and more on what Continue Reading →

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Ten Ways Millennials Are Shaping Local Congregations Today A great piece from Thom Rainer accurately describing what matters most to millennials.  Very insightful. Your Pastor’s a Sinner (Too) “The pastor you love, esteem, and admire not only makes mistakes but at times intentionally commits wrong, rebellious, and harmful actions. I’m not saying he endorses that Continue Reading →

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Four Moments I’m Preparing Students to Face “Ministry to children and youth for both parents and church workers focuses on cultivating followers of Christ with sustainable faith. Basically, we want the faith of our young people to stick when they leave our homes and churches to live as independent adults.” 5 Myths You Still Might Continue Reading →


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