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5 Benefits of Having a Challenging Teen “Our children’s struggles are as much about us as they are about them. So praise God and thank him, that as difficult as things are, he is at work both in you and your teen. Don’t give up, even if you see little change or fruit. God isn’t Continue Reading →

No Parking Signs and My Failures

Whenever I’m not in the office, I have the pleasure of picking up my 5 year old son from school. This is always an enjoyable experience, except for one thing. In front of my son’s school, on the road which happens to be the only way in or out, there stands a large sign which Continue Reading →

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The Missing Demographic in Urban Churches “Christians are not yet close to matching the pace by which the world is moving into cities, but make no mistake, Christians are urbanizing and migrating. As believers follow Paul’s footsteps to evangelize the most influential cities in the world, we rejoice. Yet ask any urban pastor or church Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Reformed Pastor

Baxter’s story begins in Rowton, England a town southwest of Liverpool, to parents who did not value education, an astonishing fact considering the brilliance that would come from the mind of the author.  Born in 1615, Baxter was largely self-educated, studying first at the free school of Wroxeter, then under Richard Wickstead, Champion at Ludlow Continue Reading →

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Ten Characteristics in an Aspiring Pastor Scripture must first be our guide when evaluating a young man’s desire for pastoral ministry (1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Pet. 5:1-4).  This blueprint needs to then be evaluated by the young man’s desire for the work (internal calling), and then by the pastors and congregation of his Continue Reading →

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Books Still Matter – Ask a Chart-Topping Rapper “’Print is dead’ has been said so many times, it has almost become an accepted cultural truth. But yet, here you are reading this right now.  Sure, ‘print’ has changed and will continue to change, but it will always be a force for cultural transformation. Just ask Continue Reading →

Training the Future Shepherds

Twice each month, I meet with three men to talk about ministry, theology, and what it’s like to be a pastor.  These men (two in their early 20s and one in his mid-30s) want to serve as a pastor/elder but our church didn’t have anything in place to train and guide them so that when Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Shepherd Leader

This book, written for pastors/elders from a Presbyterian (PCA) perspective but ultimately for all pastors, finds its aim in getting pastors to understand their duty to shepherd is not man-made. Rather, the duty of pastors/elders is to lovingly shepherd God’s people that have been placed under their watch. Witmer spends considerable time speaking of the Continue Reading →

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3 Big Ideas and 7 Tips on How to Read the Bible in Church “So you thought your job was simply to read the Bible passage? That’s easy—you check you have the right passage, you look over it a couple of times and then you get up and read. Surely that’s all there is to Continue Reading →

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Help for those who feel “disconnected” at church “It is a common phrase spoken by Christians and wrestled with by pastors, “I don’t feel connected at church.” The pastoral burden is for all Christians to be thriving in and through the ministry. When we hear something like this we immediately go into “fix-it” mode. Often Continue Reading →


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